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Sage Diamind Partner

Sage 50 Peachtree® 2023 & 2022 & 2021 & 2020 分銷業版 會計軟件可直接將已生產的成品分配至指定單據, 無需重複輸入分配單;除了於輸入訂單的同時產生分配及分銷單外,亦可整批產生分配單。

Sage 50 Peachtree Quantum Accounting for Distribution includes all the features from our Sage 50 Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting product, plus:

Quantity Price Breaks
Ensure that your volume discounts are applied fairly and consistently. Sage 50 Peachtree lets you specify up to 50 prices per item.

Buy/Sell in Different Units
Make the calculations easy when you buy in one quantity (a pallet, for instance) and sell in another (like a single unit).

Enhanced Kitting and Assembly Capabilities
Build pre-assembled kits to maintain in stock for rapid sales delivery. If you need to use components for another order, you can disassemble finished kits and restock the components. And if you require light manufacturing, you can set up multi-level kits and even enter labor or outside services as a BOM component.

Order/Sell Using Vendor Part Numbers
Automatically create POs based on stocking levels, eliminating time-consuming calculations. And Sage 50 Peachtree lets you order and sell using vendor part numbers (or your own).

Inventory Management and Trend Analysis
Track your fastest- and slowest-selling items so you can adjust pricing for maximum profits.

:: 建議系統要求  

::: 至 少 2.4 GHz processor 或 以 上;

::: 不 少 於 8 GB 記 憶 體 , 建 議 16GB 或 以 上

::: 10 GB 硬碟空間

::: 視 窗Windows® 11 & Windows® 10

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